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Home Performance Plus can be your complete home performance and improvement contractor. We can provide you with a basic energy audit which will give you a manual for your home or building. From here you can decide which services to pursue. HPP will help the home owner as an adviser, or can oversee the entire project from start to finish. We provide insulating, air sealing, window and door service in house, and work closely with reputable, insured, and knowledgeable companies to further provide all the services need to complete the project. So if you need insulation, windows, doors, heating system, heat pump, spray foam, solar, give us a call and we can help! There is no pleasure to buy any services. We want you to decide what's most important to you, and we will help you decide which services are right for you. Weather you do it yourself, hire a contractor to do the work, or have HPP oversee the entire project your first step should be a complete home energy audit. Our number one goal is to provide an honest assessment of your home with safety, durability, and comfort first, then find the energy savings! We can save you money! Call today. Services offered
  • Complete home assessment (energy audit)
  • Basic walk through - rarely provided
  • Report with photos
  • Modeling for low interest loans
    • Infrared scans (provide by a top of the line camera, and trained teck)
  • radiant floor heat problems
  • Electrical issues (call for more info)
  • Moisture in roofs, walls- locate leaks
  • Air movement in walls
  • Lack of insulation- confirm levels of insulation
  • Hundreds of other uses-contact us today!
    • Window/ door installation
    • Insulation
    • Home improvements from complete remodels to additions and garages.
    • Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us today! If we don't do it, we will likely know someone who does!
What is an Energy Audit?
An Energy audit is a service in which we strive to save the home or buildings owner energy, without causing harm to the buildings or its occupants. We are looking for safety issues, health issues, comfort issues and lastly energy issues. Why is energy last? Health, safety, and durability issues could easily out way any energy savings in many cases. So here is what we do...for a complete audit...
  • Arrive on site, and provide a quick walk around to inspect for possible limitations on the audit. i.e vermiculite in the attic, hot coals in the wood stove, etc.
  • Gather concerns from building owner (if we haven't already discussed this), also 2 years of heating bills, and a recent electrical bill showing a year of KWHs
  • Scan the area with an Infrared camera before, after and during the audit (as needed)
  • Run a blower door to determine ventilation standards, and Identify air leakage through the building.
  • Check the efficiency and condition of the heating system and domestic hot water.
  • Check propane lines for leaks
  • Identify specific concerns from the homeowner i.e a leaky roof, wet basement, critters entering, or just a cold area that they like to sit in...
  • Full report. Recommendations and help with low interest loans (arrangements usually determined before the audit)