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energy auditor dave couture Hello! My Name is Dave Couture and I own Home Performance Plus in Waterville Maine. Feel free to bookmark us, and look around at our services and helpful links. I hope to keep adding more information and links to this site as they become available.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.
  • Can you help me cut my heating costs?
  • Do I really need new windows, heating system, more attic insulation??
  • Why is my kitchen so cold while everywhere else is fine?
  • What type of insulation, boiler, or windows are best?
  • Why is my roof leaking?
  • Why is there ice on my roof?
We can Help with all off these questions.

Welcome to Home Performance Plus

central maine energy audit company home performance plus
Home Performance Plus is a home energy auditing company who would like to provide safety, comfort, building durability and energy savings in as many homes as possible. We offer different levels of auditing, and contractor services. We take pride in our work and are always looking to improve our mechanical skills along with our knowledge in the field. We are fully insured, certified , licensed and a Better Business Bureau member.

We have worked in the past with other auditors (and will continue), so we can properly test larger properties like apartment buildings, condominiums or town houses. Having other auditors and contractors as "partners" allows all of us to exchange information and knowledge on particular subjects. This field is to big and important to think that one person has all the correct answers...its science!

Feel free to look around this site for more details of what we offer, along with links to other sites.

~ Dave Couture
central maine energy audit company home performance plus central maine energy audit company home performance plus